Focused on food safety and quality

We are committed to providing only safe, exceptional fresh fruit that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations: products you can trust, every day. Simply put – safety and quality make up two of the most important core values.

  • All of our packing facilities receive third-party food safety audits benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative
  • All audits are proactive, preventative programs, based on a hazard analysis of each facility
  • Standards met include –
    • All “Good Agricultural Guidelines”
    • Global Standard for Food Safety
    • Global G.A.P. Audit with Postharvest
  • We continuously review and update our food safety practices by investing in new technologies, equipment, staff training (and re-training), and facility enhancements
  • Stringent procedures in effect throughout entire supply chain
  • Full-time, experienced food safety and quality assurance coordinator on staff

Traceability and recall

We have full traceability on every case of fruit we ship. As the industry moves toward full traceability on poly bags, we are at the forefront of this technology.

  • All bags can be identified, even at point of purchase
  • If there is an issue, centralized recall can be quickly activated in a timely, efficient manner
  • 100% commitment to the Produce Traceability Initiative – industry standardized barcoded information is on each case