Crist Brothers Orchards, Inc.

Growing a half million bushels of apples and 19 varieties each year

Since 1883, members of the Crist family have been farming in Orange County. In 1883, Francis Crist and his new bride Lizzy Day purchased what was to become the home farm in Montgomery, NY. By 1927, the farm transitioned from animals and various crops to apples, with James Day Crist also building one of the first farm apple storage facilities in the Hudson Valley. Today, over 600 acres of orchards produce a wide variety of high-quality apples.

  • The fourth generation of Crists, led by Jeffrey Crist and his wife Joy Dressel Crist, now operate the farm – their daughter Jenny returned to this home base in 2010 and is also actively involved
  • Crist Brothers is vertically integrated – from growing to storage to packing/shipping
  • State-of-the-art planting systems now feature up to 1,000 trees per acre on dwarfing rootstock
  • A new storage facility incorporates new technology and can hold over 350,000 bushels of apples
  • About 80 people are employed year-round, with up to 150 during peak harvest season