Empire Fruit Growers

Empire Fruit Growers Co-Op was incorporated in New York State in 1988. The original pack house was located at 5975 Lake Bluff Rd in North Rose, NY until July 2011 when it was moved to its new location, 10561 Ridge Rd in Wolcott, NY. The new facility is a 70,000 sq. ft. building which houses a MAF Industries, Inc., 6 lane packing line with an external defect sorter. In January 2013 EFG added a 24 head Compac bagging line. The packing line runs between 3600 to 4000 bushels of apples in an 8 hour shift. The raw apples and packed product apples are stored 3 regular storage coolers.

EFG employs between 49 to 44 people during our packing season, which runs from late August through late May. We take pride in providing our employees with a safe and positive working environment. Each month that our employees work accident free we reward them with various bonuses. A couple safety incentives this year have been a travel mug, a lunch cooler, a t-shirt and a continental breakfast. We also celebrate all of our employee’s birthday with a card and desert of their choice.


  • Apples packaged iin crates - Empire Fruit Growers
Wafler orchard photo - Empire Fruit Growers

Our pack house is managed by Rich Leous, along with our other key managers who include Rachel Webber, Delbert Webber, Nikki Webber, Richard Duncan, Bill Snyder and Rachel Tompkins.

The current owners of Empire Fruit Growers are Doyle Farms, Inc., Teeple Farms, Inc. Tree Crisp Orchards LLC, VanFleet Orchards LLC and Wafler Farms, Inc. Our owners are dedicated to packing quality fruit and they are always searching for new technologies to improve every aspect of our pack house.

Packaging Employees Group Photo - Empire Fruit Growers