George W. Saulpaugh & Son, Inc.

Three generations of excellence in the Hudson Valley

In the early 1900s, George W. Saulpaugh, Jr. began this now three-generational business in the Hudson Valley. Over time, the operation progressed from coal sales, trucking and basket manufacturing to growing cherries, peaches and grapes. And finally, apples. Today, David Jones – farm manager since 1991 – heads up operations as president and general manager.

  • With an array of controlled-atmosphere storage rooms and state-of-the-art, computerized packing and shipping capabilities, the operation uses technology to assure superior quality and processing
  • The farm focuses on new planting techniques and dwarf trees to increase yield and streamline operations
  • New apple varieties are planted on an ongoing basis
  • A new, advanced packing line was recently installed
  • Many employees have been Saulpaugh & Son for over 25 years