Lake Ontario Fruit

One of the largest and most advanced packing and storage facilities in the Northeast

Formed in 1982 as a partnership of eleven local apple-growing families, Lake Ridge Fruit Company, LLC and its subsidiary Lake Ontario Fruit, Inc., have grown into one of the largest apple packing and storage operations in the Northeast. Thanks to progressive owners, strong sales programs, and leading-edge packing and storage facilities, Lake Ontario Fruit is able to fulfill its mission of combining great people and great apples into a great future.

  • Member growers focus on the latest growing techniques and varietal trends to stay at the forefront of apple-industry technology, quality, and production
  • Growers are located along the southern shores of Lake Ontario in one of the most fertile growing regions in the world
  • Warm days and cool nights, moderated by Lake Ontario‚Äôs proximity, help create some of the best-tasting apples grown anywhere