Pomona Packing

Pomona Packing, a fresh fruit apple packing facility, was formed in 2010 to serve local apple growers as well as New York Apple Sales in the fresh apple arena. Located in Wayne County, NY, the growers/owners of Pomona Packing all live and grow apples in the area and use the latest techniques for apple production to achieve superior yields and quality.

  • Four family run operations make up the apple-growing component: Bovee Farms and Cahoon Farms Wolcott; Jay Debadts & Son in Sodus; and Smith Bros. Farms in North Rose
  • Farm Fresh First, a leading procurer of fruits and vegetables, also supplies quality fresh fruit apples
  • An advanced process – called pre-sizing of apples, followed by 33-degree cooler storage – allows Pomona to “streamline pack” specific sizes and grades into boxes for next-day delivery to New York Apple Sales